Inner/Outer Thigh
Link Dual Series

Model Number: LD-8


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Batca’s Link LD-8 Inner Outer Thigh’s advanced engineering seamlessly blends two exercise stations into one beautiful and inviting space efficient machine. All Batca Link Series stations are easy to use and follow the most natural exercise path while safely cradling the user with full body support. Blending the finest materials and the most cutting edge craftsmanship leads to an incredibly striking and solid machine with the smoothest of movements.

– Weight Stack Shroud – is ideally located for user privacy

– Dual Foot Rests – accommodate varying user height and leg position

– Range of Motion – Conveniently located pull pin quickly adjusts starting position for both inner and outer thigh exercises

– 360 Degree Rotation Kneepads – provide ideal support along both exercise paths

– Contoured Back Pad – and handles promote optimal support and stabilization

Feature Benefits


Length 5' 6" x Width 5' 0" x Height 5' 0"




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