Chest / Shoulder
Genesis Dual Series

Model Number: GD-500


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The GENESIS DS™ Chest/Shoulder  by FreeMotion optimizes a facility’s floorspace by offering two exercise options in one machine. The Chest/Shoulder machine is built with an elegant design making transitioning to different exercises a breeze. Dual weight stacks and handles that move independently allow for single and alternating arm exercises while the swiveling pulleys provide fluid cable travel.

Creative exercisers will find a multitude of bonus exercises on this station such as, Bicep Curls, Torso Rotations and Tricep Exercises.

The unique design of the pulley arms accommodates multiple shoulder and chest press options. Plus, quickly fold away the seat to switch between a seated to standing workout position. Also, the fold away seat allows access for chair users making this unit ADA compliant.

Feature Benefits

Weight Stacks

(2) 180 lb. weight stacks, (2) 10 lb. top plates, (34) 10 lb. plates


Fully Enclosed Weight Stack Shrouds

Special Features

Grab and Go Design. NO ADJUSTMENT POINTS and will accommodate most users from 4'6" to 6'6"


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